🚕 Uber Losses


Uber's net loss since 2016

Uber lost $6.7B in 2020, $496M in 2021, and $9.7B so far in 2022. Since 2016, their total reported loss (net income) amounts to $28.9B.

It's worth clarifying that Uber is cash flow positive as of Q3 2021. The large losses posted in 2022 are mostly due to decreases in the value of their stakes in other companies.

If their cash flow remains positive and their investments turn positive, this counter may one day count down.

How does this site work?

The counter at the top of the page is a simple extrapolation of Uber's average per-second losses over the past 4 quarters, starting from their last earnings report. Any new quarterly report has the chance of drastically changing the speed of the counter.

This also means the counter is merely a tool to visualize the magnitude of their posted income reports. This doesn't mean that Uber is literally burning $X in cash every second.

Why did you make this?

A few times recently I mentioned Uber's net losses to friends. Each time, they seemed surprised to hear it. And each of those times, it was enough to make me question my facts and research them later.

So I made this site. One memorable URL for you to pull up or send to others when there is any doubt.